Why Do We Give A Shit?

No seriously! Please remind me. Why does it matter whether or not I can successfully predict whether Jesus Luzardo, Jordan Romano, Stephen Strasburg, Pablo Lopez, Hector Neris, Sean Doolittle or any other athlete will have a bad day at the office? Yes, we all love winning, but I can’t control what happens in a professional baseball game. I can’t control whether Giancarlo Stanton will whiff five times, or if Wil Myers nagging knee injury will reemerge.

I shouldn’t be wasting so much time on all this crap. Once again, I have let myself get way too deep in caring about sports outcomes. And the season isn’t even two weeks old!

I need to take a deep breath, take a step back, and try to just enjoy a baseball game, without worrying about “what did my player do?”. It’s not a reflection on me if they fuck up. And the stupidest part is, this isn’t even about money. I have no money on the line with any of these leagues!

Okay, that’s enough from me for today.

Good night!

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