Locked Out 🔒

So, it’s looking more and more like we won’t start the MLB season on time. It’s fine, totally fine. Let’s give the two sides as much time as they need to fix the game, get everything figured out. April baseball is stupid anyway. Too cold. Just ask Luis Castillo. He doesn’t really get going until the warmer months.

And if you’re hungry for baseball before MLB figures things out, there’s college baseball. I myself live in Los Angeles, so I have all kinds of college baseball I can go to. Just near me, Occidental are playing a double-header on Saturday!! UCLA (🐻) and USC (🤮) are starting up as well, plus I’m sure there’s plenty of junior college (“JuCo”) ball about to start, just about everywhere.

Maybe I’ll make a “College Baseball in Los Angeles” schedule that you all can check, to see who’s playing that day and what time, what channel it’s on, etc. etc.

Who doesn’t fancy a drive down to Long Beach on a gorgeous Spring day?

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