Do I Wish Them Well?

I wish some teams well. Others, not so much.

Arizona Diamondbacks: Yes, I wish them well. As long as they don’t win too many games against the Padres, they’re okay in my book.

Atlanta Braves: No, I do not wish them well. They’re still doing that “tomahawk chop” thing. I wanted them to win the World Series last year, just so the Astros would not win it.

Baltimore Orioles: Yes, I wish them well. They’ve had some tough breaks recently, but I really want them to rise again. I prefer them winning the AL East over the Blue Jays, Red Sox and Rays.

Boston Red Sox: I wish them well. I actually like some of the Red Sox players. I want them to lose to the Yankees, but they’re not annoying like in years past.

Chicago White Sox: Of course I wish them well. The White Sox were my dad’s team growing up and I have a lot of good will towards them. I don’t think they can ever become “my team”, since they’ll constantly be going up against the Yankees. But I’m on Tim Anderson’s side in the Josh Donaldson fiasco.

Chicago Cubs: I wish them well. The team is a bit of a wasteland, but they still have a certain charm. And Seiya Suzuki is just cool.

Cincinnati Reds: I wish them well. I don’t understand what the heck they’re up to, trading great players to Seattle, but they have some promising young players, and should be good again soon if they don’t screw it up.

Cleveland Guardians: I wish them well. Like the Reds above, their behavior is somewhat ponderous and disappointing, but I love their energy and grit. (see Josh Naylor home run celebrations).

Colorado Rockies: I wish them….pretty well. My cousin Gayle was a huge fan. 😥 Again, don’t beat up on my Padres too much, but feel free to beat the Dodgers as often as possible. Also, love Kris Bryant and Connor Joe.

Detroit Tigers: I….don’t wish them well, for now. Not really a fan of anyone on their team. Check back again when Riley Greene debuts. I might be wishing them well.

Houston Astros: I don’t wish them well. (Jeremy Peña excluded).

Kansas City Royals: I wish them well. They’re bringing up all their rookies (Bobby Witt, MJ Melendez) and that’s a good thing. Also, Brady Singer once won me a fantasy league on the last day of the season in 2020.

Los Angeles Angels: I wish them very well. They’re a really fun team and should make the postseason this year. Taylor Ward, Mike Trout, Shohei Othani, Anthony Rendon, Jared Walsh, Noah Syndergaard, Andrew Velazquez, Tyler Wade, and so on and so on. And David Fletcher, when healthy. Lot to like here. And only 40 minutes away, sans traffic.

Los Angeles Dodgers: I don’t wish them well. As a Padres fan, I need them to lose. I do wish Mookie well, and if they ever promote Miguel Vargas, him too. And Bellinger. And Lux. Yeah, I guess I like some of these guys.

Miami Marlins: I wish Jazz Chisholm and Miggy Rojas well. And Alcantara and Jesus Aguilar. You know what…I like this team.

Milwaukee Brewers: They have enough likable players that I really don’t mind this team. (Yelich, McCutchen, Rowdy). I wish them well.

Minnesota Twins: Typically, I wish them well, but I am angry with the Twins right now. Royce Lewis did not need to be sent down to the minors. 😡

New York Yankees: Of course I wish the Yankees well. This is my team. I love the stadium, the history, the fans, the Bronx, the culture. And I really want Aaron Judge to get a ring.

New York Mets: I’ve wished them well in the past, and I may again in the future. I find this particular Mets team to be un-well-wishable. Don’t ask me why. I just don’t like them. Love their broadcast team tho!

Oakland Athletics: No.

Philadelphia Phillies: Yes, I wish them well. They’ve done everything right, and it hasn’t worked. This team should be winning more. What the heck?

Pittsburgh Pirates: I used to wish them well, when they had Andrew McCutchen. Now, I’m really bored. Wake me up when they promote Oneil Cruz.

San Diego Padres: I grew up watching Tony Gwynn. A Padres World Series win would be the greatest thing ever. I wish them extremely well. Go Friars!

San Francisco Giants: I supported the Giants when I lived there. They’re an historic franchise. I like them, I like their manager. I wish them semi-well, for my friends who support them. I’m getting a little sick of all the platooning, roster maneuvers, Rays-like behavior. Pick a lineup and stick with it.

Seattle Mariners: Love the M’s. Wish them well. This may not be their year. This is the Angel’s year!!

St. Louis Cardinals: I probably shouldn’t, but I wish them well. I like the history, I like the loyalty of the fanbase, love their current players. They should try and win the NL Central again soon. Just don’t beat the Padres in the playoffs and I’ll wish you well.

Tampa Bay Rays: Do NOT wish them well. Hate the stadium, hate all the weird lineups. They seem to have a cool vibe, but I am not down with it.

Texas Rangers: Not a fan this year. When is Jack Leiter due to arrive? (Honorable mention: Jonah Heim).

Toronto Blue Jays: This is a feel-good team. For somebody. Not me. I do not wish them well. Please go .500 on the season.

Washington Nationals. Nope.

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