How’s Your Fantasy Team Doing?

I’m in three fantasy baseball leagues. All Roto. A 15-team NFBC league, a 12-team daily league on Yahoo, and a 12-team daily league on ESPN.

  1. The NFBC league is a TGFBI (The Great Fantasy Baseball Invitational) satellite, i.e. the winner gets to play in TGFBI next season. I don’t think I’m going to win this league (I’m currently in 9th place). I’ve had some real disappointments this year, particularly with my pitching, but it’s been an amazing experience. This is the first league I’ve ever been in with weekly FAAB as the only way to pick up players. And no trading. I like to switch my lineup daily, so I’m figuring this out as I go. [Team name: Red Zone Touches]
  2. The Yahoo league is a 12-team daily league with some pals I met in the Discord for the Pitcher List site. It’s more fun being in leagues with people you can communicate with, rather than some anonymous league. I drafted first in this league, so I have Mike Trout. I’m currently in third place. One quirk of this league is that even thought you can change your lineup at any time, the only way to pick up players is a nightly waiver run, utilizing a $100 FAAB budget. So if Travis D’Arnaud isn’t playing, I can’t drop him and pick up someone to use today. [Team Name: Brooklyn Stoop Dwellers]
  3. Lastly I’m in a 12-teamer on ESPN with some folks I met on twitter. Again, nice to be able to chat with other players. This league is fun, but I am really blowing it. COVID has really screwed with me I this league. Jack Flaherty has pitched once. [Team Name: Red Roof Inns]

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