Why Jomboy Media Is Better Than MLB Network [updated]

Those of us who are a little too baseball like to consume baseball chat on a daily basis. For years, there were only a few choices. Yes, there’s Buster Olney’s daily podcast, the Athletic’s daily show, and other awesome flashcasts, but they take a while to hit your feed, so mostly your only option in the morning are the various MLB Network shows (High Heat, MLB Central, Intentional Talk, et al.).

I’m not saying MLB Network is unwatchable. Sometimes they’re the first to give you breaking news. I’m just saying, they’re the only game in town (TV-wise) and that’s not a good thing.

What I’m advocating is that you get your morning MLB fix from Jomboy, Jake and Trevor Plouffe‘s “Talkin’ Baseball” livestream (available on Periscope, YouTube, Patreon, and all the other places). It’s good stuff and it makes me laugh.

Get on this bandwagon!

[UPDATE] I realize that my headline says “Why Jomboy Media is Better,” but I didn’t really tell you why. Mostly because they’re real people, they’re like you and me (well, Trevor is a former pro), and very funny and disarming. They’re not slick or trying to be cool like some other shows.

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