LIDOM is Life

I’m ready for Dominican Winter League (LIDOM) baseball to be back. Like, really ready. Experiencing it from a distance last year, sitting on my couch in Brooklyn, I was enthralled, and truly hooked. I drank Brugal rum, danced to Dominican jams, brushed up on my Spanish, and read along with envy with Jake Mintz’s brilliant tourist journal
Straight to LIDOM” for Baseball Prospectus. I was sure that come November 2020, I would be in Santo Domingo to take in some of the festivities for myself.

Twelve months later, I live in Los Angeles, and almost everything in the baseball world has changed. We got a 60-game MLB season, which had its share of COVID controversy, but the virus is nowhere near under control. In fact, quite the opposite.

So what does this mean for LIDOM 2020-21? Well, no fans in the stands, for starters. It will be interesting to see how much this detracts from what is clearly the most exciting and exuberant baseball league in the entire world.

I’m keeping an open mind. I’ve renewed my annual pass to DR Sports, hoping for the best, and I’m cautiously optimistic. I hope the players are able to stay healthy, and that fans can possibly return before the season ends, but even if they aren’t, LIDOM will certainly make the best of it.

One of these years, LIDOM, I’ll be there for real.

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