TGFBI Post-Draft Breakdown (Rounds 11-20)

The season is already underway, but as promised, here’s a look back at the middle rounds of my TGFBI draft!

Middle Rounds of the Beloved TGFBI League 29

Round 11, Taylor Rogers: Nobody knows who the closer in Minnesota will actually be, but Rogers is fine and will get his share of the chances. I could have taken Colome, Will Smith, or apparently even Aaron Civale, so maybe this was a crap pick. At the time of publishing, he’s got a 0.00 ERA, a 0.00 WHIP after two appearances, but no saves. This is a wait-and-see.

Round 12, Sean Murphy: I think I was the last person to take their first catcher. I’m happy with this pick, but he’s a little banged up, so the jury’s still out. Comparatively, I can’t believe how late Mitch Garver fell after last season’s debacle. Maybe shoulda taken him…

Round 13, Andres Gimenez: This guy had such a great Spring Training, winning the shortstop job outright, but he has sucked so bad in his first three games, that Amed Rosario is starting today. I have several shares of Gimenez and this is looking like a potential bust.

Round 14, Marco Gonzales: Definitely took this guy too early. His first start against the Giants was ‘not great’, and things are not gonna get easier, as the M’s pull into Target Field this week. I actually debated not starting him, but ultimately did. Watch this space for mid-week misery if he gets lit up again.

Round 15, Christian Walker: I stand by this pick. The guy is tough as nails, getting hit in the effing face with the ball, bleeding all over, and back in the lineup the next day. He will hit homers for me this season, and that’s what he’s being paid to do.

Round 16, Chris Taylor: We know he’s going to play 4-5 days a week, maybe six sometimes. Look, I’m happy for Gavin Lux that he’s off to such a hot start. I want him to do well. I just need Taylor to do well too. I like to get these guys with a lot of positional options, so I can slot them in to different spots. As of now, Taylor has played in three of the Dodgers’ four games. I’ll live with that.

Round 17, Manny Margot: The player that famously caused our leader Justin Mason to drop an F-bomb on his Main Event stream. I guess I feel lucky to have gotten him here? He’s starting most days in Tampa and has already hit a home run. Solid pick.

Round 18, Zach Davies: With all the inconsistent pitching I have on this squad, I needed my steady guy with great control. Davies is that guy, and he’s my only starter to get a win in Week 1. (Jordan Romano also got one, but not going to count on more from him).

Round 19, Wander Franco: Stupid pick, I’ll admit it. With the shallow team I have, there is no room to stash prospects who may or not be up in May or June.

Round 20, Jorge Alfaro: Like I said in my previous post, gotta love this Marlins squad, so getting Alfaro as my second catcher is great. Does your catcher steal bases, because he does!

We’ll finish up this round-up later in the week!! Good luck all!

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