TGFBI Post-Draft Breakdown (Rounds 21-30)

Let’s get this over with, because I’ve really had it with this team. I’m currently sitting in 13th place and 321st overall, so let’s try to figure out what the eff went wrong.

Some real highs and lows in the final third of the draft.

Round 21, Mark Melancon: I guessed right here!!! Melancon is the definitive closer in San Diego and has done well thus far. A rare bright spot for my team.

Round 22, Brad Keller: Total disaster. First two starts have been an utter pile of crap. He’s just serving up hanging sliders to get thumped over the fence. At least he was on my bench for the second start. Looking like a drop for Week 3 FAAB.

Round 23, Tommy La Stella: He’s been injured, but still pinch hitting? Does that mean he can’t play the field? TBD I suppose. As a lefty, he’ll be a strong-side platoon 2nd baseman for the Giants when healthy. Definitely a hold/wait-and-see candidate.

Round 24, Jordan Romano: Another fortunate reliever pick that appeared to win the closer role after the Yates injury. And then Merryweather happened. I still think Romano will get his share of the saves, so I’m starting him every week until proven otherwise.

Round 25, Robbie Grossman: Has delivered as promised, minus the .125 average. He’s leading off and has at least one steal, if memory serves. No major complaints here.

Round 26, MacKenzie Gore: Another stash-and-hold in a round where I really needed a Major League player. Kind of a shithead move by me here.

Round 27, Miguel Rojas: This guy was clutch for me last year. He’ll be my MI this season, as long as he’s healthy. It’s worth it for his shoes alone!

Round 28, Trevor May: this was my bad reliever pick. Even if he eventually gets save chances for the Mets, I have no confidence he can convert them. Borderline drop in 2-3 weeks if he doesn’t start locking shit down.

Round 29, Brett Gardner: I’ve already dropped Gardy and that might have been a mistake. Judge is hurt and more injuries are sure to follow for the Yankees. Tauchman is essentially a pinch runner now, so Gardner might be an everyday player by the end of April.

Round 30, Steven Brault: He got injured right away and I dropped him for Roberto Perez because Sean Murphy had a wrist injury.

So what have we learned? Well, In a 15-team, NFBC-style league, only one draft-and-stash prospect is allowed, and only in the last 3 rounds. I may be in 13th place, but the season is only 8 days old. Some of my players who are sucking (Hiura, Gimenez, Marco Gonzalez) could figure it out, and some of my prospects (Franco, Gore) could get called up soon. But overall, I guess FantasyPros was right to give me an F for this draft. But we press on, into the unknown, and live to fight another day…

Good night!

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