I’m In Seventh Place in My TGFBI League

Current standings as of August 22nd, 2021

Yes, it’s been rough. Rough stuff. I have climbed up to seventh place in the vaunted TGFBI fantasy tournament, and 219th overall. (Please note that the eighth place team behind of me is ahead of me in the overall by nine spots). This season has been brutal for the injuries, the demotions, the overall suckitude of some of my draft picks.

Let’s take a quick look at my Opening Day roster and see who’s still with us, and who isn’t:

So, I dropped Luis Robert when he got hurt, boy would I like to have him back, although he’s not exactly hitting the cover off the ball. I think the duo that did me in on the hitting side were Keston Hiura and Andres Giminez. Complete disappointment, especially given how high they were drafted. On the pitching side, Jesus Lizard and Pablo Lopez were busts, as were Zach Davies and Brad Keller. Plesac has also been injured and underachieved.

But it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. Honestly, if Huascar Ynoa hadn’t punched that wall, I might actually be in this thing, but who knows. With six weeks left in the regular season, I will keep fighting. I’m glad that I’ve crawled back from 13th to 7th place. I’d love to crack the Top 5, but who knows…..

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