The actual ball

One of the reasons baseball is so cool is….the ball. Sure, all the other balls (and pucks) have their merits, but the baseball wins out.

  • Basketball: needs to be inflated, not dangerous, too big for a backpack so must be hand-carried.
  • Football: needs to be inflated, not dangerous, you can’t dribble it or throw it against a wall to practice.
  • Hockey puck: dangerous, but you can’t do much without a hockey stick and ice.
  • Golf: requires a golf course.
  • Lacrosse: requires a lacrosse…..course.
  • Tennis: okay, a tennis ball is actually pretty versatile…

But in the end, the baseball looks coolest, is the perfect weight, and is fun to carry around.

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Rough Day at the Plate For These Chuckleheads.

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Fantasy Busts I May Have Dropped Too Early

Here are some players I have dropped and how I feel about it:

  • Rhys Hoskins: Sorry
  • Josh Donaldson: Not Sorry
  • Marcus Semien: Not Sorry
  • Mitch Garver: Not Sorry
  • Trent Grisham: Sorry (picked him up again)
  • Wil Myers: Sorry
  • Kirby Yates: injured
  • Stephen Strasburg: injured
  • Lorenzo Cain: opted out
  • Marcus Stroman: opted out
  • Corey Kluber: injured
  • Madison Bumgarner: not sorry
  • Miguel Andujar: not sorry
  • Zach Plesac: sorry
  • Alex Verdugo: sorry

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That one time I got lucky enough to have Javy Baez on my fantasy team…

He hit .198

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David Fletcher Is My Favorite Player

Great write-up by Pitcher List on this hilarious swing.

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El Español Es Mejor Que el Ingles

Every MLB team needs to immediately start going by their Spanish names only.

Cada equipo de la MLB debe comenzar a usar su nombre en español de inmediato.


“Cerveceros” is cool as heck
Cachorros is awesome, but White Sox need to step up! Calcetines Blancos!!
As I was saying, the Spanish is always better!
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Take Conforto

Michael Conforto of the New York Mets is quietly having a very nice season.

The power is not overwhelming, just 4 HRs on the season, but a very respectable .928 OPS.

I hope the Mets’ COVID scare doesn’t turn out to be a full-blown thing. 🙏🏽

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The Cardinals have an incredibly balanced lineup, righty/lefty-wise.

They can send out 3 lefties and 4 switch-hitters against the Cubs in Game 1 today. This is what I’ve been saying the Yankees need to do. (And they are starting to, with lefties Mike Ford, Tyler Wade and Mike Tauchman. Would I prefer righties DJ LeMahieu, Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge back from the IL? Yes).

Now let’s take a look at how this “balanced lineup” did yesterday:

Worked out pretty well for them. (Matt Wieters still batting .000 on the season, oof).

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New Logo and Artwork!

We have a new logo, thanks to beloved artist Laura Baran!

Check out her artistic process on TikTok!

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The Two Greatest Post-Season Home Runs of 2017

I was at both of these games (the first one, by chance), and watching these videos, I can still remember the sheer insanity that was inside Yankee Stadium.

Incidentally, both hit by lefties who are no longer with the team. Didi was amazing his entire time with the Yankees, Bird was a rookie with a ton of talent.

Whenever fans do come back to the games, I will definitely miss the roar of a sold-out Yankee Stadium at moments like these. I think that 2017 post-season run (where we lost in 7 games to the cheating Astros) created a whole new generation of fans.

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